Yuba, a delicacy composed of fresh layers of the skin of soybean milk.

yuba restaurant Komame-ya

 A yuba restaurant operated by a yuba maker                                             Ueda Yuba Co.Ltd.



Yuba, a delicacy composed of fresh layers of the skin of soybean milk.
Taste our delicious yuba, made with painstaking care.
We aim to serve not only traditional dishes with lavish amounts of freshly made yuba, but creative dishes that utilize yuba in innovative ways, too. Our prices are reasonable, allowing you to experience at-home style yuba dishes.
Komame-ya Nishiki

Komame-ya Nishiki

Located to the west of Kyoto's traditional Nishiki Food Market, Komame-ya Nishiki offers a home-style atmosphere and yuba dishes lavishly made with ingredients indigenous to Kyoto such as local vegetables and tsukemono pickles. All tables are sunken "hori-gotatsu" style, allowing diners to stretch their legs.


Lunch menu
Nishiki set course \1,850
Yuba set course \2,470
Komame-ya set course \3,080

Dinner menu
Yuki set course \3,500
Tsuki set course \5,000
Hana set course \7,000

* Reservations required for Hana course. Call at least one day in advance.


3F, Libertas Nishiki-koji Bldg. Nishiki-koji
Higashi-no-Toin higashi iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL/FAX 075-221-7300
■3 minute walk from Shijo subway and Karasuma train stations
■immediately west of Kyoto Daimaru Dept. Store north entrance
■50 meters west of Nishiki Market west entrance
(closed Wednesdays: excluding public holidays)


A Kyoto delicacy Yuba

KOMAME-YA is a special restaurant serving its original yuba dishes. Experience one of Kyoto's traditional distinctive delicacies at KOMAME-YA.

Yubanzai is a coined word combining yuba and at-home style "obanzai" dishes.
"Yubanzai" is a registered trademark of Ueda Yuba.